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    Hi. I use Notepad + to edit pieces of code. After a week, I have 200 tabs that I no longer use.
    I tried to use the “Close all” command and yes, it goes to the first tab and asks me if I want to save it. But if I say no, do not close it, go to the next one and repeat everything.
    How can I remove all those tabs? I do not want to uninstall and reinstall every week. Everything I want to keep I have saved it, but I can not get rid of what I do not.

  • @Munsen-Tidoco

    Try holding down the n key to answer “no” to the save prompts in rapid succession. When they all are closed you will likely have typed a string of nnnnnnnnnn in one of the documents that you are keeping. A simple Undo (ctrl+z) will fix that.

    Is it a workaround technique? Yes. Will there ever be a “No to All?” option? I don’t know but I do know that it has been requested a long time ago, with no implementation. So I would grab ahold of the workaround if I were you. :-)

  • Thank you. It worked perfect when I kept the key pressed “n”

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