Reload changed File

  • I have two different versions of NPP installed (on different Computers;-)
    one is current (7.5.9) the ozher is rather old (7.3.1)

    In the older version I can close the information (aka I don’t need the new version displayed) and that was it.

    In the new Version, the file is not reloaded, but the status of the file is now marked as modified - and there is the dialog If I want to save the file?

    Is this a bug? or is there a switch to configure this.
    I don’t want to save the (old) information in NPP.


  • Has anyone information about this behavior?


  • You haven’t given us enough to go on (see I cannot even guess what your problem’s symptoms are, let alone how to solve it. Sorry.

  • @PeterJones
    I’ve noticed this behaviour too. It’s like this:

    You open a file in Npp. You change this file with an external program. When you return back to the Npp window you are hinted that the file has been changed. The dialog also asks you if you want to reload the file. You say “No”. The file status is switched to “Modified” (red icon in the file’s tab). When you close the file’s tab or the whole Npp session you are asked if you want to save the file.

    Is that what your question is about?

    If yes: If you always want to discard the old file content you can go to (menu) Settings -> Preferences -> (register) MISC. -> File Status Auto Detection and tick the option Update silently.

    The old behaviour you like more has considered to be a bug (see here) and was fixed with this PR. The first version that had included this change was v7.5.

  • @dinkumoil
    Thanks! This was my question. And I see also the Problem the old behavior had.
    i will use Update silently in the future.

    Sorry, didn’t know about this (faq-desk-request-for-help…)
    I found this info only, after sorting the oldest first.
    Maybe it is possible to position this link as default-info in "help wanted …—…


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