Favorites and Explorer file icons do not represent file types

  • I have spent the last few days getting Notepad++ setup the way I like to use it, but when I open Favorites or Explorer in NPP, the file icons are wrong. Here’s a picture of Windows Explorer (which is correct) and the same folder opened in NPP Explorer. I also have NPP Favorites open to show that the txt and vbs icons are wrong there as well.

    In the picture linked above, I’ve tried to highlight that, for example:

    • list itemthe graphics files (JPG and PNG) have notepad icons
    • list itemthe TXT files all have network drive icons
    • the EXE files that have their own icons have different icons in NPP Explorer.

    Obviously I’m not going to be opening EXE or graphics files in NPP, but I’d like the icons to show correctly. I use icons as the primary visual clue to file type and it’s really throwing me off.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I have searched for “icon” and “icons” but I haven’t found anything on it. Any ideas on how I can get the icons to show normally?

    I am using the portable version of Notepad++, v7.5.9 (32-bit).


  • This post is deleted!

  • notepad++ Explorer icons are totally wrong

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