User Defined Language/ Autocomplete/ Keywords begin with "/" and "*" dosn't work.

  • Hello Forum,
    I have the following problem and hope somebody can help me. I trie to write a xml file to autocomplete ansys apdl syntax. For some funktions the apdl syntax begin with “/” and “” and some funktion without “/” and “”. In the case of keyworts without “/” and “” everything works fine. The Keywords with extra sign “/” or "" are shown in the dropdown box but I can’t autocomplete it.

    Can someone tell me what’s going wrong?

    Thanks Tobias

  • replace " to ’ works in Autocomplete replaced ( batch.xml ) i’m using Autocomplete
    3p plugin for npp

    <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“Windows-1252” ?>
    <KeyWord name='i ’ />
    <KeyWord name='i want ’ />
    <KeyWord name='i want window contains ’ />
    <KeyWord name='and window title is “SUPERNOVA APP” ’ />
    <KeyWord name='title is “SUPERNOVA APP” ’ />
    <KeyWord name='window title is “SUPERNOVA APP” ’ />
    <KeyWord name='window ’ />
    <KeyWord name='contains ’ />
    <KeyWord name='i want window contains listbox ’ />

  • Hello Gurikbal Singh,
    sorry for my late answer. That’s exactly what I seach for.

  • Tobias Krieg

  • @gurikbal-singh
    sorry for the question. can it work without plugin?

  • @Adriano-Ellero
    it works without plugin but without language name change you can watch at youtube