Report bug: When closing an edited file, the alert message box shows "$STR_REPLACE" instead of real file name.

  • Version: 7.5.9

    Language: Traditional Chinese

    Summary: When closing an edited file, the alert message box shows “$STR_REPLACE” instead of real file name.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open a text file.
    2. Add several characters to the file without saving it.
    3. Close the file, and Notepad++ will show the alert window (“Saving File”).

    Expected results:

    Actual result:

  • @ZakFong

    Bug reports don’t go here , they go HERE .

    Plus, this one sound very familiar, so please search existing bug reports before making a new one (i.e., only make a new one if one doesn’t already exist for it).

  • @ZakFong ,

    I believe it’s already been reported: ‘antonylu’ made this bug report for v7.5.9. ‘CookiePLMonster’ pointed out the fix: you can edit chinese.xml, adding a $ after all instances of $STR_REPLACE that don’t end in $ (to make them all $STR_REPLACE$). Notepad++'s developer has incorporated that change into the source code already, so the next release should fix it.

    I am guessing @Scott-Sumner either saw those issues at github already, or he is remembering the similar historical problem: v7.5.6 had a similar issue, but even in English installations (which references a thread here). v7.5.5 may have had the same issue, based on a single post buried in the 7.5.5 release thread.

  • @PeterJones said

    I am guessing @Scott-Sumner either …

    Yep, and I was going to let @ZakFong do his own researching of it. You, sir, are a trooper. For me, the same old issues get a bit stale and uninteresting to research and provide data on each time. But I guess I won’t get tired of saying “Bug reports don’t go here , they go HERE”… :-)

  • I had remembered the older one from 7.5.6, but I was reasonably certain that it had been fixed, so was surprised that it had re-appeared in 7.5.9… which is why I went looking myself to see whether there was a regression problem. Since this was the first mention in this forum of the 7.5.9 Chinese-only bug, I figured it was worth it to share that it was a similar-but-different problem. (Like on regex questions, one freebie for a given problem, and then I just give hints and/or links to the FAQ.)

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