Unable to change the font used in printer headers and footers, or toggle bold or italic.

  • The title says it all. I can easily change which things to print, where to print them, and the size of the font, but I cannot change the font or toggle bold or italic at Preferences → Print → Header and Footer. I have tried a few permutations of actions and have had no luck. Is there a config file anywhere where I could simply edit these values directly? Are there any lines/values/variables I could add to an XML Notepad++ style document to effect or define these values? I am using 7.5.9 32-bit. I have also tried a number of fonts with no luck.

  • @Æþelleo-Durkin

    I really wish people would stop with the title says it all thing…but I suppose that is too much to ask for. :-)

    This bug was discussed here and recently a fix was proposed. Have to wait now to see if/when that fix gets integrated into the branch the software is released from; subsequent to that you will see it in an actual Notepad++ release.

    Looking at those links now, it isn’t entirely clear if an inability to change the font itself (rather than just its italics/bold attributes) was examined/addressed. If you think it wasn’t, you might want to add a comment to the issue about it.

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