NP++ 7.5.9 x64 with XML Tools x64 only opens in Administrator mode

  • I’ve just done a clean install of NP++ 759x64 and I noticed that if I have XML Tools 2492x64 installed I can only get NP++ to open if I open using administrator mode. I’ve tried uninstalling XML Tools, and then I’m able to open NP++ without using Administrator mode.

    I then tried uninstalling and deleting everything to do a clean install of NP++. I manually downloaded and installed XML Tools and the issue persists.

    I cleaned my install and got plugin manager and installed XML Tools through Plugin Manager. The issue persists.

    I don’t get any error messages or dialogs that display when trying to launch NP++ in non-admin mode. I see a process spawned in Task Manager when NP++ is run in non-admin mode, but I cannot get the window to show.

    Has anyone else had this issue recently, and found a solution?


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