Trying to use Column Mode without Success

  • I’ve followed the instructions to switch to column mode to no avail. Anyone know what I should be looking for as far as possible user errors? Thanks!

  • @Tara-Wilk

    Saying you “followed the instructions” may not be good enough…certainly doesn’t give anyone that can help much to go on… :-(

    Anyway, it is pretty simple. See the key labeled Alt on your keyboard? Hold that down, likely with your left hand. Now, take the mouse in your right hand, and left click and drag downward across several lines and from the left side to the right. You should get a column block selected.

    Alternatively, hold Shift and Alt keys down with one hand, and then use the arrow cursor movement keys with the other hand. Again you should get a rectangular column block selected.

  • @Scott-Sumner thank you.

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