Exception alert box "Vector T too long" in Notepad++ 7.5.9

  • This category is right, isn’t it?

    I keep getting alert exception Vector T too long after trying to **scroll ‘horizontal’ **using touchpad laptop.

    And for be clear how I get this error is by using grouping lines into block then try scroll horizontal to right side and done! you got that error repeatedly. Easy…

    Again, for more clear and as example… in notepad++ create new file, set language for that into javascript (I didnt test other one).
    --------And then put this line start from ‘open bracket’ to close bracket into line 1 notepad++


    If done, grouping that line into block in notepad++, then try scroll horizontal. I got error from that.

    there’s interesting by few examples.

    -----example #2

    -------didnt get error

    -----example #3

    -------suddenly force closed

    -----example #4
    -------didnt get error

    from example 1-3, what I can say if size of file more than 22Bytes you get error (example 1), if lower than that didnt (example 2). If equal you just get force closed application (example 3).
    That filesize ofcourse we know from size characters (“enter character” 2 bytes, other than 1 byte).

    I’m using Windows 10 x64 , notepad++ x86 just to be clear. Also I’ve tried using previous version of notepad++ 7.5.8 and that’s absolutely working fine without exception alert .
    Thank you

  • This seems to be Spell checker (DSpellCheck) issue. Updating DSpellChecker should avoid this issue.

  • Thank you for suggestion, I’ve not doing that but just trying to stay in 7.5.8 for now and waiting for next update too see if that’ll fix the problem.

  • 7.6 is out, still bundled with dspellcheck 1.4.6. But 7.6 has a major change in plugin location due to plugin admin, see https://notepad-plus-plus.org/news/notepad-7.6-released.html. Read section “For plugin users” to find your installed plugins again.

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