Plugins menu items: Adding mnemonics (the [Alt+underlined char]-combination)

  • A very first Hello,

    is there a convenient way to add mnemonics (the [Alt+underlined char]-combination) to the menu items of all installed plugins? I’m looking for a configuartion file.

    Many thanks for all your efforts concerning Notepad++ and greetings

  • A plugin has to provide the infos required to create a menu entry during runtime. Notepad++ requests these infos by calling one of the functions a plugin DLL has to export and creats the menu item dynamically. Thus there is no way for a user to add Alt+Underlined char shortcuts to a plugin’s menu entry.

    But you can add a normal keyboard shortcut to an entry in the plugin’s submenu of the Plugins drop down menu via Shortcut Mapper ((menu) Settings -> Shortcut Mapper-> Plugin Commands).

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