Npp Snippets plug in and plug in manager

  • I am on Windows 10 and installed the latest version of Notepad++. I have an existing library of code I want to use and need npp snippets to do this. With the new version, no matter what I do I cannot get the plug-ins to install. I have done the following:

    1. Tried to load the plug-ins by loading from plug in admin - notepad++ automatically restarts then nothing is loaded
    2. Tried loading the plug ins from settings - import - import plug-ins - this does nothing
    3. Copied the plug in, into my user folder: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins…also doesn’t work
      Please can someone give me advice.

  • @Samantha-Reid try

  • @gurikbal-singh

    There are various code snippet plugins available, you are writing about the wrong one.


    Folder to create for the plugin: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\NppSnippets. Unzip the content of the plugin ZIP file to this directory.

    If it still doesn’t work the plugin has to be fixed, please contact its author.

  • @dinkumoil you are right here my installed snippetplus is different


    “C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\NppSnippets\”

  • @gurikbal-singh

    I have tested it with the 32 bit variant of the plugin - it has to be fixed.

    The plugin works only with your configuration and will not work if it gets installed via Plugin Admin because Plugin Admin would do the same as I mentioned above - unzipping the plugin ZIP file to the %LocalAppData% plugins directory.

    @Samantha-Reid You should contact the plugin author to request an update that adopts the new Notepad++ plugin hosting model. The internal search algorithm for the plugin’s companion files has to be fixed, it uses wrong access paths.

    But Plugin Admin also does something weird. When it unzips the plugin’s ZIP file the file Languages.sql has a size of 0 byte - the unzip-code has a bug.

  • @dinkumoil There is indeed a known bug in unzipping with wingup, see

    1, Code alignment unzip is not correct. CodeAlignment.Common.dll has size zero, also this is not the case within the zip package, seems there is some issue with the zip algorithm of wingup.

    Therefore Code alignment is not yet part of the list.

  • thanks everyone - decided to use an alternate one in the meantime. Pity because I have loads of text I will need to redo…

  • @Samantha-Reid said:

    Pity because I have loads of text I will need to redo…

    That is not necessary. You can use NppSnipptes but you have to unpack the ZIP file by yourself and install it manually. The posting of @gurikbal-singh contains the required directory structure.

  • I have the Npp Snippets installed OK on my Notepad++ 7.6 (32 bits)

    My structure is:

    The directory:
    has the file:

    The directory:
    has the files:

    Backup your files,
    specially this last 3 (Languages.sql, NppSnippets.sql and Template.sqlite) before puting into the second directory.

    PS: yes, the second directory has NppSnippets twice (first level has the DLL, second level has the config files)

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