Regex to replace second value with first value in XML

  • Hello and sorry for this probably stupid question but I simply can’t understand Regex.

    I have hundres of these entries in a file

    <file source=“00 Required\Meshes\AnimTextData\AnimationFileData\1015565736507645228.txt” destination=“Materials\Sample\WallLockCleanMetal.bgsm”/>

    The first value of variable “source” is different in each line, the value for variable “destination” may be different. I tried to match everything between " and " and replace the second match with the first one. I can match but replacing is a whole different topic.

    Using the above example the result sould be

    <file source=“00 Required\Meshes\AnimTextData\AnimationFileData\1015565736507645228.txt” destination=“Meshes\AnimTextData\AnimationFileData\1015565736507645228.txt”/>

    My Regex so far is (?<=").*?(?=") but that is surely not complete since it also matches " destination=" (without “”).

    Any help is highly appreciated!

  • @Ben-Humpert

    Not quite sure I understand the implications of the 00 Required\ part of the source, but this simple replacement may be of some use:

    Find what zone: <file source="00 Required\\(.+?)" destination=".+?"/>
    Replace with zone: <file source="00 Required\\\1" destination="\1"/>

  • @Scott-Sumner That works perfectly. Thank you very much! I now see how wrong I was with my approach ;)

    00 Required\ is the directory the files are stored in(side the zip file) but after extraction / installation they don’t need to be in 00 Required\ since this is just for keeping the zip archive clean.

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