Emptied files

  • Hey there,

    I created some nice code over 2 days. But I was also torrenting a lot. Anyway, a little thing about Notepad++: Once the SSD got full to 100%, the files could not be saved anymore, notepad++ emptied the file and deleted all my work. And saved it as a 0bytes file.

    I shrugged, no problem! i’ll just fetch the backups… but oh my! they were empty too. All of them 0KB.

    I mean, i feel sad but it’s not the end of the world for me. I’ll just rewrite. Buuuuuut someone else can have this issue with a bigger problem for them. To reproduce, just fill your hard drive all the way up and try saving your file. I actually pressed “Control+S” and that was my mistake. Control+Z also did not recover the last state of the file. Closing and openning also did not help.

    I hope this helps so that it does not happen to anybody else

  • @Benjamin-Frugoni-Backhaus ,
    What is your Notepad++ version?

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