Plugins are failing in 7.6

  • I had to reinstall Notepad++ and installed 7.6. After the install I downloaded the plugin manager and XMLTools as one of my favorite plugins.

    Whatever I do, I get XMLTools not working. As a last resort I reinstalled 7.5.9 (x64) and immediatly the plugins came available again.

    Something in 7.6 broke the working of the plugins.

  • @Wim-de-Lange

    Something in 7.6 broke the working of the plugins.

    It might have helped to read recent activity here before posting that…

  • I did that, but failed to notice it? I take a look again. Thanks.

  • For xml see, so maybe soon there will be a version compatible with pluginAdmin. In the meantime the dependency files need to be in the N++ exe directory and XMLTool.dll under a subdir XMLTool as described here

  • @Wim-de-Lange
    I would suggest you first read the info here about re-locating your plugins

    So if you had XMLTools in your old Program Files(x86)/NotePad++/plugins folder, just create a new folder named XMLTools in the new AppData plugins location (described in the link above), and move the XmlTools.dll there.

    Restart Notepad++ and it should be available. Plugins Admin currently seems to be broken; as in if you install plugin, it restarts Notepad++, but does not install the plugin.

    As a workaround, just like XMLTools above, if you had PluginManager.dll under old Plugins folder, create a folder in the new location named PluginManager, and copy the dll in there. Restart Notepad++ and you should be able to use the old Plugin Manager.

  • Do I need to make a new folder for each .dll and move the .dll in that folder? What about the other folders?

    Here’s a screenshot - instead of creating new folders and such, I tried to just move everything from right to left (AppData\Local\Notepad++\plugins) and I saw Plugin again in the menu, but not the Plugin Manager.

    Thanks in advance!

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