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  • New to script writing unless it was just copy and past, and that wouldn’t be writing. Bare with me please.
    I want to add this line EX. ExperiencePointsForLevel[ ]= 51 more times in a column, how do I do that?
    If possible how could I add EX. ExperiencePointsForLevel[99]= numbers from 99 to 150 in the brackets?
    thank you

  • @dh4-short
    You do need to provide more of an example but from what I think you have said a couple of regexex could do it.

    First off you’d get a regex to insert the static portion of the text, which I presume is the EX. ExperiencePointsForLevel[]=. Then for the lines you want to have a number inserted (99 to 150) you’d use the Edit (menu), Column Editor, Number to insert and commence with 99 and increase by 1. So you’d select a start line and use this to put the number at the start of the line. Then another regex would move this to within the [] brackets.

    Notice I’m not giving you actual regexes as without an example of data it is very difficult to do so, but at least this should give you ideas.

    Suggest reading the FAQ on how to present data in such a way that those helping can do so.


  • Terry
    That worked thank you very much

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