Hide/Remove the "close all" button top left in the toolbar?

  • I always have a dozen open files wich I all need open. But when I try to click on the left tab, it happens too often, that I accidently hit the “close all” button few milimeters above. I never need this closeall button, it only sucks. I already googled “hours” but nothing to find…

    I know there is a “open all recent used files” possibility, but it does not work properly, only opens ~half of the closed files.

    Can anyone tell me how I can remove that “close all” button from the toolbar? If I really want to close all I can go the way to “file/Close all” and do not need the quick button…

  • @Serpens66

    install the Customize Toolbar plugin and create your toolbar like you like.


  • @Serpens66

    Behavioral adjustments you could make:

    1. Use the keycombo for close (default: ctrl+w)
    2. Right-click on the the tab you want to close and choose the FIRST option (Close)…and yes I do realize that this is perilously close to the SECOND option (Close all but this)…so that’s rather like your original problem…BUT, in years of doing it this way, I have NEVER accidentally chosen that SECOND option.

  • @Scott Sumner: that was not what I asked, I do simply middle-mouse-click on the tab I want to close. The problem I described was when trying to switch to the first tab, I accidently click on the close all button in toolbar.

    @Eko palypse: Ah, I already searched for “customize toolbar” but only found a wiki aticle that said this would not be possible yet. But now I found the plugin and it worked thank you :)

    Solved :)
    (it does not allow me to edit my topic, I would like to add [Solved] to the title…)

  • @Serpens66 ,

    Regarding “open all recent used files … only opens ~half of the closed files”: It does work properly. Check you Settings > Preferences > Recent Files History: if you had a dozen (ie, exactly 12) files open, and “Max. number of entries: __” was only 6, then it will remember exactly half of your dozen files. If that entry were 10, it would remember (and thus re-open) the 10 most-recently-closed. If that entry were 12 or above, then it would remember all dozen of them.

    You get to decide how many recently-closed files it should remember – up to 30. (I tried entering 100, and it wouldn’t add the third digit; I tried entering 99, and after I closed the popup, it registered 30.)

  • @Serpens66,

    Regarding “SOLVED”. There should be a “Topic Tools” button for you, since you created the topic. You should be able to mark it “SOLVED” (or similar, I forget the phrasing) there.

    edit: actually, you may have to mark it as “ask as question” and then as “solved”

  • Yep, I just went to one of my old topics (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/10963/copy-buffer-converts-nul-to-space), Topic Tools > Ask as Question then Topic Tools > Mark as Solved

  • @Serpens66 said:

    that was not what I asked

    Ah, I see that now. It was my misunderstanding that you were trying to press the Close toolbar button but were hitting the Close All toolbar button instead. Sorry for that, I guess I read your original posting too quickly.

    But, really, if you are going to accidentally hit a toolbar button rather than a file-buffer’s tab (something I have never accidentally done), then perhaps you should simply turn the toolbar OFF as it sounds like you are in peril of accidentally activating ANY toolbar function and not only the Close All one. Turning off the toolbar can be done in the preferences.

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