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  • Hello, @alan-kilborn, @Dinkumoil and All,

    Yes, Alan, but the counterpart is that, if we try, again, the @Dinkumoil technique, with the help of the Ressource Hacker utility, on notepad++.exe file ( v7.8.1 RC2 ) it does change change the police and/or its size, in the 4 tabs of the Find dialog, except for, unfortunately, the 4 user fields :

    • Find what:

    • Replace with:

    • Filters

    • Directory

    So, if we still would like to modify the police and/or its size, it would be necessary to ask @don-ho to add these two settings when choosing the option Settings > Preferences > MISC. > Use Monospaced font in Find dialog Don’t know if it’s worth to, anyway !?

    Best Regards,


  • Dinkumoil. Thank U so much. I have been looking for this for years !!

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