cant use left curly bracket {. Need some help

  • my left curly bracket {{{{{{ stoped working in notepad++ and i dont know whats wrong. Right one } works fine but i cant type { for some reason. It works everywhere else just not in notepad++. Would be grateful if someone can help me with that. Thanks in advance!

  • @Peter-Gregorc

    I can’t see this accidentally happening, but if somehow Shift+[ got tied (in Shortcut Mapper) to a function that often seems to do nothing when you invoke it??

  • didnt find anything there. I even reinstaled app and reset all the settings but it didnt help…

  • Have you tried rebooting?

    My best guess is either you’ve got some other app running that’s highjacking keystrokes (intentionally or otherwise), or that a plugin is highjacking keystrokes.

    If you reboot and launch windows in safe mode, with Notepad++ run from command line or Windows Run dialog with the c:\program files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe -noPlugin option (using correct path notepad++ executable), does it still have the problem?

    It might be helpful if you provided us the output of the ? > Debug Info menu (you can click on the copy-to-clipboard link, and paste it in a reply: that will give us your exact version of Notepad++ and environment, along with the list of active plugins.

  • @Peter-Gregorc

    could it be that you have more than one keyboard input language installed and
    by accident this is changed during notepad++ editing?


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