Uninstall Plugin 3P-Progress-Programers-Pal

  • I can not remove the 3P plugin. I’m using a desktop computer. I want to go crazy for it.I can not write a note, only about 50 words, which I was very miserable to do it. By the time I can not continue working, oh god, I can not remove this plugin from notepad ++. Although notepad was completely removed, then reloaded, it continues to appear. Gpub files run automatically, can not remove 3P. I have not removed Notepad++ not less than 10 times.
    Not everyone’s job is the same, and not everyone uses only one language. So all that is set up, not only does not help, but also makes it difficult for others. This is something you should understand. You use notepad ++ to write code, I used to write love letters, Vietnamese words. Do you think it would be beneficial for me if all of the settings were for coding only, or English? Do not ask me "Why do I install it?"That’s what I want to send to the creator of this plugin.

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