Unable to use any downloaded plugins.

  • I do not seem to be able to use any downloaded plugin in Notepad++. For example, copying “NppTextFX.dll” to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins” or “C:\Users<User Name>\appData\Local\Notepad++\plugins” or “C:\Users<User Name>\appData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins” never makes the “TextFX” drop-down menu appear between “Run” and “Plugins” in the Menu bar. I have tried most of the permutations of reinstalling, uninstalling, installing, run as Administrator, installing into a folder not located within “Program Files (x86)”, and installing on a different partition. I have also attempted to install other plugins which also do not seem to work: I have not witnessed any evidence that Notepad++ is aware of any plugin that was not included by default. For example, I cannot make the old “Download Manager” work. I am using Notepad++ 7.6 32-bit on Windows 8.1.

    Is there anything else that might cause this behaviour? I have no problems with aesthetic changes made with the Style Configurator system. I am starting to form the opinion I may have to delete all references associated with Notepad++ in the Windows Registry. Is there a list of these entries? I am baffled.

  • Hello, @æþelleo-durkin, and All,

    This is my method that should work 100% ;-)) It uses the portable version of N++. Just try it to get an idea !

    => In addiditon to the usual folders, APIs, Doc and Config, you’ll see 4 folders, corresponding to the 4 plugins, part of the official N++ v7.6.0 distribution ( DSpellCheck, mimeTools, NppConverter and NppExport )

    => You should see, as expected, the TextFX menu, between the Run and Plugins menus ;-))

    Notes :

    • In the <Drive Letter>:\760\ folder, you’ll notice a zero-length file, named doLocalConf.xml. This file must always stay in that location, along with notepad.exe

    • As you see, the <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins folder contains, only, sub-folders. So, if you want to add, let’s say a plugin named MyFavourite.dll, then :

      • Create a folder with the exact name MyFavourite, inside the <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins folder

      • Move the MyFavourite.dll plugin, and, maybe, some additional files/folders, inside the <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\MyFavourite folder

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    So, for instance, after installation of all the plugins, below :

    • BetterMultiSelection
    • ComparePlugin
    • CustomizeToolbar
    • LuaScript
    • NppExec
    • NppTextFX
    • PythonScript

    Here is below, the tree structure of the folder 760, with the MAIN files only, regarding the plugin’s organization :

    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760 :
    Folder   localization
    Folder   plugins
    Folder   themes
    Folder   updater
    File     doLocalConf.xml
    File     notepad++.exe
    File     python27.dll
    File     SciLexer.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins :
    Folder   APIs
    Folder   BetterMultiSelection
    Folder   ComparePlugin
    Folder   Config
    Folder   CustomizeToolbar
    Folder   doc
    Folder   DSpellCheck
    Folder   LuaScript
    Folder   mimeTools
    Folder   NppConverter
    Folder   NppExec
    Folder   NppExport
    Folder   NppTextFX
    Folder   PythonScript
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\BetterMultiSelection :
    File     BetterMultiSelection.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\ComparePlugin :
    Folder   ComparePlugin
    File     ComparePlugin.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\ComparePlugin\ComparePlugin :
    File     git2.dll
    File     sqlite3.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\Config :
    Folder   Hunspell
    Folder   PythonScript
    File     BetterMultiSelection.ini
    File     converter.ini
    File     CustomizeToolbar.dat
    File     DSpellCheck.ini
    File     npec_cmdhistory.txt
    File     NppExec.ini
    File     NppTextFX.ini
    File     startup.lua
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\Config\Hunspell :
    File     en_US.aff
    File     en_US.dic
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\Config\PythonScript :
    Folder   scripts
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\CustomizeToolbar :
    File     CustomizeToolbar.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\doc :
    Folder   NppExec
    Folder   PythonScript
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\doc\NppExec :
    File     fparser.html
    File     NppExec.txt
    File     NppExec_Manual.chm
    File     NppExec_TechInfo.txt
    File     README.txt
    File     style.css
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\doc\PythonScript :
    File     PythonScript.chm
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\DSpellCheck :
    File     DSpellCheck.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\LuaScript :
    File     LuaScript.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\mimeTools :
    File     mimeTools.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\NppConverter :
    File     NppConverter.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\NppExec :
    File     BaseDef.h
    File     menuCmdID.h
    File     Notepad_plus_msgs.h
    File     NppExec.dll
    File     Scintilla.h
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\NppExport :
    File     NppExport.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\NppTextFX :
    File     NppTextFX.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\PythonScript :
    Folder   lib
    Folder   scripts
    File     PythonScript.dll
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\PythonScript\scripts :
    Folder   Samples
    File     startup.py
    Folder   <Drive Letter>:\760\plugins\PythonScript\scripts\Samples :
    File     CTags Based Autocompletion.py
    File     Disable Virtual Space.py
    File     Enable Virtual Space.py
    File     Event Handler Demo.py
    File     Python Regex Replacements.py
    File     Remove and Modify selected lines.py

  • Thank you for your response. All the plugins work when put into a well-named folder within the “plugins” folder, so it would seem the files are not corrupted. I have managed to do more in 10 minutes then I did in 1 hour last night. I may as well mention that Windows 8.1 does not appear to use "C:\Users<User Name>\appData\Local\Notepad++\plugins” folder - it will change files in the "C:\Users<User Name>\appData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins” folder. I wish I had thought of using the portable version when I was gnashing my teeth last night. Thank you.

  • Hi, @æþelleo-durkin, and All,

    Pleased to know that you managed to get your plugin’s installation, correctly :-)) Of course, the folder 760, containing N++ portable version, does not need to be, exactly, <Drive Letter>:\760. My goal was just to create a neat summary !

    So, you may create this folder, in numerous locations, even on a USB device ! And, of course its name may just be Notepad++, instead of 760 or anything else !

    Just 3 rules, regarding portable N++ versions :

    • Do NOT place this folder in C:\Program Files folder nor in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder

    • Preferably, use a short pathname, as some programs may not handle very long pathnames, properly !

    • You may, also, install several N++ portable versions, simultaneously, on your system, as long as the zero-length file doLocalConf.xml exists, along with each N++ version !



  • @Æþelleo-Durkin
    Notepad++ v7.6 (32-bit)
    Build time : Nov 12 2018 - 23:51:42
    Path : C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS : Windows 7 (32-bit)
    Plugins : DSpellCheck.dll mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll

    answer already given there:

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