extract only two columns

  • hello guys, I was reviewing several solutions to have only two groups which are separated by ¡, but I have not succeeded, I need group or column 19 and 20, my file is large, I show you an example,


    I need these two columns
    Can anyone help me?

  • @kellyyer

    So the comma character is a more-common delimiter than yours, but if you replace every comma in the following with your special delimiter, this should work or at least get you started:

    Invoke Replace (press ctrl+h).
    Find what zone: (?-s)^(?:.+?,){18}(.+?,.+?),.+ <–again replace every comma here!
    Replace with zone: \1
    Search mode: Regular expression
    Action: Press the Replace All button

    I encourage you to read about regular expressions, some ways to get started here. Try the above expression in some of the interactive regex sites to see how it works. Perhaps you will end up with a new technique in your data manipulation arsenal.

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