Can I specify a hotkey for each of my pythonscripts?

  • I am using Python Script
    For now, I can only specify a hotkey for Run Previous Script, which means, if I have more than 1 script, I can’t invoke those scripts one after another.
    I’ve tried to record macro and run the script. Couldn’t record it.
    Is it possible to specify a hotkey for each script?

  • @古旮

    yes, if you mean shortcut you can do this by using the pythonscript configuration menu and adding the scripts to the menu item list.
    Once done, restart notepad++ and goto Run->ModifyShortcut…->PluginsCommands and add your preferred shortcut.

    Just for info - the current pythonscript plugin version is 1.3.0


  • Nothing at all wrong with @Eko-palypse 's response, but sometimes pictures help. :-)

    Drop down the Plugins -> Pythonscript menu and pick “Configuration”:


    After choosing “Configuration” you will see this window appear:


    "Add"ing your script to the “Menu items”, this gives Shortcut Mapper the ability to see it (after a Notepad++ restart). Then invoke Shortcut Mapper and you can keymap your “added” scripts on the Plugin commands tab there:


  • I’m too lazy for those things :-D


  • Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!

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