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    You should create a user defined language who reach # as comment

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    I also put on “operators & delimiters” tab in delimiter 1 style " for open and " for close so strings will be in color. I hope I use the correct tab and input field, because there are so many.

    yes, that is the correct location

    But I notice when i put ># < in open for “comment line style” on “comment & number” tab (there is a space after #), it removes a space when i open notepad++ again.

    string delimiters can not contain nor end with spaces, spaces are only used to separate multiple string delimiters.
    eg: you can have multiple comment line syntaxes if you type # // :: in your comment line style > open field.
    this makes it more flexible if you get txt files from people who use other remark marker/delimiter strings

    #this is a remark
    # this too
    // this too
    :: this too

    if you want to deploy your udl easily to other machines, just copy the xml file:
    into the same location on the other machine.
    (in case deploying to other machines was the reason why you wanted to do it via the default xml files in the first place)

  • @Meta-Chuh said:

    PeterJones…i admire your sean connery style “never lose your temper”

    Hey, for the record, I don’t lose my temper…even if I get called a “f—king retard”! [In fact I was so “delighted” by that posting of a few days ago (reference not worth looking up) that I screenshotted it and put it in my “Gems” folder.]

    But I do try to keep discussions here “on track” and I am rather “short” with posters that can’t ask a question clearly, or refuse to think things through, or just want to be demanding, or…the list goes on. Free software, free support…show some gratitude and forethought, people! :-)

    But yes, I agree, @PeterJones has a style all his own! +1

  • @Scott-Sumner

    even if i get called …

    originally i had something about this and more in my post above, but i decided not to post it because it was too long and too much, even for myself.

    one part of it was: noone here minds if you lose your temper from time to time, because you have had to deal with such cases the most of all, and if you do you do it with grace, reason and the regular’s support.

    another part i removed was that i bet we lost a few very good people, like claudia, because they tend to take such encounters and even little things like a missing feedback emotionally with them, to the extent that they start thinking about it days after, even if they are not in front of any computer nor visiting this community … this makes me sad and i urge every visitor to treat everyone around here as they would treat a friend instead of a hotline kind of slave.
    (prerequisite is that they treat friends as normal people do ;-) )

  • @Meta-Chuh said:

    i bet we lost a few very good people, like claudia, because they tend to take such encounters …

    So we are pretty far OT now…but I don’t want you to have a misperception about Claudia. She was much like Peter is here, very even keel emotionally and eager to keep helping even after being insulted; I observed that many times–not that she got insulted a lot, and certainly never called a “retard”–hehehe, still giggling…

    My understanding is she stopped using Notepad++ because she wanted to use a product that was continually being improved–not that Notepad++ isn’t being improved, but that improvement moves too slowly for some peoples’ taste.

    I tend to agree–my evidence is that I used 6.7.5 for the longest time, and currently my day-to-day use is 7.2.2, and I see no compelling feature additions (what version of Scintilla is Notepad++ using?–REALLY??) or bug fixes to make me move “forward”–in fact, I would move forward but bugs seem to be on the rise, not the opposite. If I had to pick a version post-7.2.2 I don’t know what that would be–certainly not 7.6.* with the PluginAdmin debacle going on… And…we still can’t “find-in-selection” or “replace-in-a-column-block” or…dang, I could go on all day with a list like this…

    But for the moment, I happen to need a text editor, so (again, for the moment ) I’ll hang around. :-)

  • @Scott-Sumner

    but I don’t want you to have a misperception about Claudia

    one more reason why i originally didn’t post it.
    just an expression how i would feel if i was her (or any other regular)

    so (again, for the moment ) I’ll hang around. :-)

    hopefully as long as possible, otherwise i’d have to think about something i could do to lure you back here just for the fun of it ;-)
    thank god that this is just a far and purely hypothetical future.

  • So there is no way I can have a comment delimiter with a space, like hash and a space: ># < ?

  • So there is no way I can have one line comment delimiter with a space, like hash and a space: ># < ?

  • @notepad347

    So there is no way I can have one line comment delimiter with a space, like hash and a space: ># < ?

    yes, you are correct.

    side info: same applies to keywords in programming languages.
    so for example a command/function name that can be highlighted is preg_replace but if it would be called preg replace the lexer would see it as 2 separate commands to be highlighted and highlight any occurrences of preg as well as any occurrences of replace, regardless if they are written together or not.

  • thank you all for all the help, but I must say, notepad++ can be a pain, compare to sublime text I also use, you see, different tool for different tasks. But this community here is great, thanks.

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