Support for Plugins Admin & NppPluginList - Round 2

  • @DataCrypt said:

    Thank you for all your work on NPP. I like the new PlugIn Admin and if you can somehow include that in the portable version so that it’s available in a future release, that would be very helpful. Thank you again and happy holidays!

    It will be in the zipped package of next release (v7.6.2).

  • Plugin “XML Tools” shows an error about libxml and/or libxslt not being found. I copied both dlls in the new plugin subfolder C:\ProgramData\Notepad++\plugins\XMLTools but that didn’t fix the issue. Any clue where plugins should have their external dlls ?
    Link to the screenshot

  • Admin Plugins does not work because I have to use the company proxy. I have no error message, but no new plugin installation or update are working correctly.

  • Is there a log or something to do to help to find a solution?

  • Hi there,

    maybe I just didn’t find the answer to my question, but shouldn’t it be possible to install plugins without admin privileges?

    I did uninstall 6.9 with the silent switch and installed the 32 Bit 7.6.2 version with the silent switch aswell.

    Now all Plugins are listed in the Programdata folder, where usually every user can create or delete folders - but still if I want to install one plugin with the plugin admin menu, notepad++ is closing and asks for administrator credentials.

    Is this still the intended behavior?!


  • Hi @donho ,
    Plugin_Central is quite outdated,
    but still referenced in
    official plugin-howto -> Plugin_Development

    Also the specifications for certain content on seems to be quite old.
    Could you please check how contributors can do some updates for your wiki?

    Best regards, Mattes

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ivanbuto said:

    Question: Is it possible to make the new Plugins Admin work also on Windows XP or would this be too much work?
    I tried Notepad++ to 7.6.1 with the Plugins Admin. The lists of plugins read fine, however, the update process didn’t work due to a missing function. I can provide a screenshot if needed.
    Plugin Manager worked fine also with Windows XP.

    Here is a screenshot of the error generated when Notepad++ restarted itself after trying to update a plugin via Plugins Admin in 7.6.1 on Windows XP.

    With versions 7.6.2 and higher, the Plugins Admin does not even appear under the Plugins menu.

    So should I just expect that it won’t be made to work under Windows XP at all? I do have the appropriate TLS update installed (KB4019276), so the system can use TLS 1.2.

  • @jackpoz In order for the XMLTools plugin to work, those external DLLs (i.e., libcurl.dll, libiconv-2.dll, libwinpthread-1.dll, libxml2-2.dll, libxslt-1.dll) must be copied into the Notepad++ executable directory (i.e., where the Notepad++.exe file resides, or, “C:\Program Files\Notepad++”).

  • **Problem Installing Style.xml for Plugin External Lexers **

    I’m using the recommended procedure for testing my plugin: Npp 7.6.1, gup debug. After modifying nppPluginList.json, my distribution zip is found and the files are extracted and installed. My lexer plugin depends on an xml file for syntax styling that should be in the user directory under %APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\config but it is not getting copied there. With the old plugin manager, some rules were supplied for where things were to be copied on installation. How should that kind of thing be handled now with the new Plugin Admin?

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