You've a lot of reasons to hate Notepad++

  • This is neither a political nor a religious forum. These types of arguments do not belong here. Even in this “reasons to hate Notepad++” topic.

    (I find the occasional political banners in Notepad++ an unwanted “feature” at best. But, honestly, if I avoided getting software from everyone I disagreed with, doing business with everyone I disagreed with, or talking with everyone I disagreed with, I’d be a software-less, buisiness-less, friend-less individual.)

  • @Meta-Chuh

    No one is panicking.

    No one claimed they were afraid of the advertisement turning them gay, lesbian, nerdy, or whatever the hell that last thing you listed is.

    Putting a banner on your software does nothing for a cause that nobody has suppressed in the last 25 years. I take that back, it notified some users to the kind of political beliefs you posses which is good info for any consumer to know. Even for software like this.

    The banner did nothing because being LGBT these days is not exactly a difficult thing to do. You are far more likely to get attention and a feeling of group identity, as opposed to any “suppression”, if you come out of the closet these days. Times have changed. It is now fashionable to be gay.

    This whole political statement tells you everything you need to know about the person saying it. They either miscalculate the numbers of people not of their ideology, something I see the left constantly doing, or more likely, think the other party is subhuman and not worthy of even debate, much less respecting them and their convictions as being held just as fervently and dearly as yours.

    They’re too busy signaling the other collectivists that they are good comrades.

    However, they’ve effectively cut their market share, voluntarily and solely due to their lack of business acumen. That is the main problem I have with it.

    I support gay marriage and have for quite a while. What I don’t support is developers and businesses telling me what they think about a subject they have no expertise in, like politics.

    it is such a strategically stupid thing to do with a razor-thin benefit on one side and cliff on the other, IMO.

    Keep politics out of your business and at least respect your clients beliefs, even if you disagree. Tolerance doesn’t mean acceptance but it also must be reciprocal. If you don’t your product will suffer. How much is debatable, but it will suffer. The market will shut all the political hacks up with the reality of competition, it always does, it is just a matter of time. And it will be a beautiful thing to see. The margins in tech have shielded many for a long time but that time is quickly coming to an end.

  • @misterkatanga

    Not sure whether you are trolling or not so let me ask:
    Did you actually read the whole thread from top to bottom?
    You answered on a direct answer from @Meta-Chuh to @Alan-Kilborn but I assume you didn’t check their relation and/or history, did you?

  • @Ekopalypse

    @misterkatanga has discovered our little secret. @Meta-Chuh and I are actually married! ;)

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    How could you be so careless? :-D

  • This post is deleted!

  • Fuck Notepad++ because it doesn’t remember my custom color definitions (in the Color selector of the Styler Dialog used to create User Defined Languages) after closing and relaunching the application.

  • Oh yes, by all means, I’m going to stop using NP++ right away because some open-source geek somewhere was having a bad hair day and decided to profanely condemn a free project whose developers freely give their time to provide an excellent free text editor for the enjoyment of anyone who wants to use it. (Did I mention it was free?)

    There are lots of text editors with all kinds of licences, plugins, tie-ins (or lack thereof), and whatever other pingelig details you’re so obsessed with. Fer God’s sake, just use one of those instead and quit whining.

  • lol no.

  • Fuck notepad for the Null error

  • NULpad++

  • There are slogans for a new release:
    “Black lives matter”
    “White lives matter too”
    “police arbitrariness in the U.S.”
    The enemy of China is my friend? Everything is permissible for them?
    But as far as I know, Democrats are paying for a revolt to topple Trump. If you ask me, I am against some people humiliating others for whatever reason.

  • I have Notepad ++ more than 800 menu items …
    my memory is running out! :) %) о_О
    alt text

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