• Hello ive been using notepad++ for some months but after update to 7.6 encoding is fucked up, I open ansi file with notepad++ and it detects or even worse convert it to ISO 8859-3
    I open UTF file and it detects or even worse convert it to ISO 8859-3
    it happens in 7.6 and 7.61, prev are ok open ansi file and it detects it as ansi so no prob there
    is it bug or me?

  • @Klemens-Markowski said:

    is it bug or me?

    this is a good question ;-)

    there have been some reports on autodetection glitches under certain conditions eg. mixed cr+lf, lf, cr line endings and mixed encodings of different letters (easier to spot them in a hex editor) especially if they are edited and maintained on different alternating operating systems eg. linux, mac and windows

    if you want us to check the cause, you could provide us with a complete file that triggers this behaviour.

  • I have the same problem, after upgrading from version 7.5.3 to version 7.6.2, it stopped recognizing encoding TXT files (ebooks) correctly.
    I omitted the problem by disabling “Automatic character encoding” in Settings> Preferences> MISC.
    But the error is still in N ++. Last version that correctly identifies encodings is 3.5.9.
    The problem is in Polish characters in files with ANSI encoding.


  • I have the same problem after update to 7.6 . and the same is with 7.6.1…
    all my files written in notepad++ could not be recognized as windows 1250 ???
    Kind regards,

  • Sometimes instead of UTF-8 it defines windows-1258

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