Problem with Ziped Version and Plugins

  • Hi all, i downloaded N++ 7.6.2 the zipped version, if i unzipit it in Program Files i cant use/see the new plugin admin (manager)
    but if i unzipit in say C:\ everything works, can some one help me with this? i would like to have N++ in Program Files

  • @sick13

    welcome to the notepad++ community

    if you want to put notepad++ into %programfiles% or %programfiles(x86)%, you will have to use the installer version, as this uses it’s program directory as a read only source and stores the plugins in a separate folder at %programdata%\Notepad++\plugins, according to windows guidelines.

    plugins admin of the portable version will be deactivated by design if notepad++ detects that it is launched as a portable version of notepad++ from %programfiles% or %programfiles(x86)% because of permission issues to those folders.

    if you still want to use the portable version, you will have to put your portable version of notepad++ somewhere else.
    eg. a new folder called C:\Applications\Notepad++

  • ok thx for the info, i appreciate it

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