UDL delimiters

  • I’m struggling with creating a UDL that behaves according to my wishes.

    My problem relates to delimiters. Sometimes a character that is used to open a delimiter is not actually meant to do so and I end up with a REALLY long delimited section, even to the end of the file if the close delimiting characters doesn’t appear again.
    I do not have any checked in the nesting section because the delimiter doesn’t allow nesting in the language.
    The language also doesn’t allow spaces within the delimiter, in fact only letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed.

    So if there is a way to restrict the delimiter from activating if it is followed by a space, or anything but a letter or number, that would solve my problem. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to accomplish that.

    Am I missing something?
    Should I use something besides a delimiter?
    Is there anyway to limit what must be within the delimiter?

    Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, work-arounds, insight, questions or ideas regarding this issue?

    Any response/feedback will be greatly appreciated!

  • @Jonathan-Patterson

    the nesting is about styling different parts of your delimited string with its defined colors, like,
    let’s assume you defined delimiters like { and } and a keyword test and you have a string like

    { this is a test string }

    then activating nesting for keywords would color the word test with the keyword color instead of the delimiter defined color.

    Regarding your question, can you provide a simple but full example what you try to achieve?

  • i am also having trouble with delimiters. i want to use u+00a7 (the section sign) as the start of a line comment, but its not working.

  • @Richard-Clink

    if this is still an open issue would you mind sharing a sample of your text together
    with the udl and the info what you want to be solved?

    In general it is working

  • @Ekopalypse

    no it’s not working.
    (hah … i can finally disagree with you for the first and only time 😉)

    u+00a7 is §, and you can’t use this character as delimiter or comment line prefix marker, hence my upvote to that.

    as far as i’ve been able to find out for now, you currently can only use § as part of a keyword or keyword in prefix mode.

  • @Meta-Chuh

    u+00a7 is §

    that happens if you just want to quickly answer something but didn’t read
    carefully what has been written.

    @Richard-Clink - sorry for confusion.

    Is odd, that this char isn’t working but haven’t checked source code so far.
    Will give it a try later.