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  • After search in files by mask - for example - directory xxxx, search in all files by mask .
    $c_word - and after end search process Search result window is not open - but “$c_word” is present in many files in this dir? I Tryed reinstall newest version of notepad++ no have result. Tryed f7 before and after search. Please help

  • @Олег-Выползов

    The usual result of such a story is that the search is being conducted with “whole word” selected, or perhaps the search mode is set to “regular expression”? Check those settings.

    But…really…from your description, you need to try workinge with a SINGLE file first, and be able to see $c_word on screen and then try Find’ing to it. Don’t try it as part of a multifile search when you are debugging something that isn’t working.

  • write in fitter textbox *.txt

  • They not find in a single file to. Search mode - Normal, and whole word and match case uncheked.

  • Hmmm. Well next I’m wondering if you have some “special” characters somewhere. Try this: Highlight/Select your $c_word string in your editor tab and press ctrl+f. Then press Find All in Current Doc. This should find it even for cases where, say the $ is a special unicode version of the plain old $, or for where there may be some “hidden” character in your document. But in truth I am running out of ideas. :(

  • Hello, @олег-выползов,

    Just one question :

    When you just mouse select this string $c_word, in current file, do you see, in the status bar, at the bottom of N++ window, the indication Sel 7|1 ?

    If you get a value above 7, this would mean that the string $c_word, itself, contains one or several invisible chars !

    Best Regards,


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