Keyboard Command to switch between Document and Project Panel (Acessability)

  • Hi there,

    is there any possibility to switch between the active Document and the Project Panel?

    I’m asking cause I work with a blind friend who would benefit from a simple note taking App similar to the likes of OneNote, Zim, Joplin, … all of witch have different Accessibility limitations.
    Notepad++ seems to work great with NVDA (Screen Reader) in general. Switching between Panels and accessing the Workplace Options via Keyboard would be a great addition.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Semper-Roto

    yes, you can set almost any custom keyboard shortcuts as accessibility features in notepad++ at the menu: settings > shortcut mapper.
    (there is a search filter field where you can search for specific items, as there are so many functions and menus that can be triggered by a custom shortcut.)

    in the example below, you can use ctrl+alt+shift+1 to jump to the project panel,
    and ctrl+numpad 1 to jump back to the last cursor position of the editor window of tab 1

    in the screenshot below, i have set project panel 1 to the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+shift+1:


    to return to your opened document(s) last editor cursor position, you can use the default shortcuts ctrl+numpad1 for tab1, ctrl+numpad2 for tab2, and so on, like seen in the screenshot below


    as there are many keyboard shortcuts set already, you might be warned, that a new keyboard shortcut is already in use and in conflict with a function.
    then you can search for this function and change it or clear it’s keyboard shortcut if you don’t need it at all.
    this allows you to set your preferred keyboard shortcut combinations, even if they are already in use by built in functions.

  • Hello, @semper-roto, @meta-chuh, and All,

    I’ve found out that you may switch back from the Project panel to the active document, by hitting the F8 key ( Menu option View > Focus on Another View ) ;-))

    The interesting thing is that this work-around works with all the other panels, too, even if :

    • You’re presently using the two N++ views, simultaneously

    • If the active panel is a floating window, not docked

    The concerned panels are :

    Character Panel

    Clipboard History

    Find Result


    Folder as Workspace

    Function List

    Document Map ( when you click and move around the red highlighted zone of Document Map )

    Regarding the Find Result panel :

    • As said, the F8 key move back from Find result panel to the active document

    • But the F7 key must be preferred as it opens the Find Result, then toggles between this panel and the active document

    An other solution would be to hit, twice, on the Win key ! See below :

    Note that the use of the Win logo key allows you to switch back to active document, from :

    • Python Console

    • Lua Console

    • NppExec Console

    • All panels, except for Document Map, and ONLY IF current panel is docked

    • The Incremental Search panel ( Ctrl + Alt + I )

    Best Regards,


  • Hey @Meta-Chuh and @guy038,
    that’s some great news you sharing. I certainly will look into this.
    Thanks for the quick help.

    Best regards.

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