Update stopped working under 7.5.9

  • Seems like the auto update had not run for a while, so I manually invoke update notepad++ from the menu, and it still says “no update is available”. I’m running version 7.5.9 so an update IS available (7.6.2).
    Whats the deal? I’m used to np++ auto updating on its own.

  • @Craig-Williams

    theory - looks like Don (author of npp) hasn’t changed the website url for auto-update
    to avoid having numerous enterprise admins fighting with the new plugins admin until
    it is rock solid and more or less clear what and how to do.

  • @Eko-palypse
    theory confirmed ;-)

    there are major changes to the internal folder structures of notepad++, like autoCompletion and plugins, so an update to 7.6.+ means that you will have to move your existing plugins, and their custom configurations (if any exist) as well as any custom autoCompletion files to the new locations, and therefore this update should not be triggered automatically yet, as it is more of a “migration” than a normal update that’s suitable for all users.

    if you are ready to migrate, you can use the 7.6.2 installer of your choice from here and use it as updater to install over your existing notepad++.

    we will assist you if you have any problems migrating and you can’t find the correct solution in this forum.

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