finding some of my saved file in note++...

  • pls i need to find some urgent files on my notepad++,i heve been having trouble rocovering my files…
    pls how do go about it???
    this is very important and very urgent…

  • this can help you

  • idont understand how that can help pls kindly elaborate the meaning pls

  • @Teddy-May

    he was pointing to the directory which could contain a backup-ed version
    if back functionality was activated at that time. Other then that, use a different
    program to recover your lost files than you were using before.
    Notepad++ itself has no builtin file recovery functionality.

  • @gurikbal-singh
    i guess you have good intentions to help,
    but if you keep posting, please try to post in full, explanatory sentences and take your time to re-read them to check if someone that is not you can understand them.

    very few of your post are understandable, for example this one can only be understood if someone follows your link to your screenshot AND already knows the answer like @Eko-palypse . for everyone else it looks like spam, or in this case a screenshot of a spam filled explorer window ;-)

    we need more information on what exactly happened

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