key-bindings insert the current Date and Time

  • I downloaded npp.7.6.2.bin.7z
    I need key-bindings insert the current Date and Time
    I found in google the page about the it.
    I have tried to install the PythonScript TextFX plugin through the plugin Manager.
    But there are no such plugins in the plugin Manager.
    I tried installing Python Script manually as it described on the page:
    I downloaded
    Copied the contents of the archive to the folder notepad++
    But the plugin did not appear in the program.
    Tell me how key-bindings insert the current Date and Time in npp

  • @Александр-Корженевский

    to install TextFX in your portable notepad++ 7.6.2:
    you have to use the official “plugins admin” to install the TextFX Characters plugin.
    (the old “plugin manager” is not compatible with newer notepad++ releases)
    here is a good screen video from @andrecool-68 about it, as he answered a similar question a few days ago:


    to install PythonScript will be a bit more to do, because the folder locations of notepad++ 7.6.2 are different:

    get a new copy of from here
    extract it and put it’s contents as listed below

    PythonScript.dll, plugin dll goes to:

    python27.dll goes to:

    machine level scripts and python library go to:
       contains sample scripts and startup. py

    manual, context-help files go to:
       contains PythonScript.chm up to version
       contains html docs since version

    user level scripts go to:
       note: this folder will be created automatically as soon as a new script is created.

    note: you can also find more information about PythonScript installation to a non portable, installed version of notepad++ here

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