Cannot find settings or preferences menus in 7.6.2 in windows 7 ultimate.

  • Cannot find settings or preferences menus in 7.6.2 in windows 7 ultimate. I do not see these options on any menu tab or the icon bar. Whre are they?

  • @Merrill-Sloan ,

    Please see this FAQ – in general, I haven’t seen any problems in 7.6.2 missing the Settings menu (between the Language and Tools menu) – but I’ve only used portable versions of 7.6.2, and only on Win10. If you show the full Debug Info as described in that FAQ, it may give a clue as to something that you have that causes it to be set up wrong or hide the Settings menu.

    Also, a screenshot might help. This help-with-markdown post will help you through the process of embedding a screenshot, so we can see what you see.

  • Hi All, somehow I am made to wonder if what i installed is Notepad++. I don’t see Language or Tools menu either. I downloaded the 7z installer file from, extracted to the same download folder, which revealed the notepad++.exe file. Clicking on that file opens notepad++. The Menus are File,Edit, Search, View, Window and Plugins. Exploring all those menus does not reveal Language, Tools or Settings, or a “?”, so with those differences to what I’m reading in FAQs, etc. there is nowhere to go. The launching of the .exe file works fine since it appears to be a typical Windows 32bit file. In my system interface it clearly tells me I have a 32bit system. I downloaded the 7z installer for a 32 bit system. Evidently no installation takes place since the app runs from the folder. Since there is no “?”, there is no way to get debug info.

  • Solution: must download and INSTALL the first in order “Notepad++ Installer”, not the 7z “installer” or package which doesn’t “Install” anything. “Notepad++ Installer” actually installs the program and voila there are all the menus, etc. Por favor!

  • @Merrill-Sloan

    thank you for taking the time to share your solution.

    yes you are correct. the 7z and zip packages are only portable versions, for use on e.g. usb drives, and can (should) not be copied to e.g. “C:\Program Files”. using the installer exe is the correct way to go.

    note: currently we have no real answer on why the portable version is missing some menus, if you start notepad++.exe from your download folder, as it should work fine on that location, except if there’s maybe a permission setting that prevents it. but if you don’t need it to run from there, and are satisfied with the installed version, it seems to be fine.

  • That’s weird. At work, I am now using the portable version 7.6.2 64-bit (in a non-program-files directory hierarchy) downloaded from the zipfile (not the 7z), and I have all the menus. (Win10 64bit machine) I just copied that folder to the c:\program files\notepad++\ and ran the portable from there, and it still had the Language, Settings, Tools, and ? menus.

    I then copied my portable 7.6.2 32-bit from its non-program-files directory, where it worked just fine, to c:\program files (x86)\npp32.7.6.2\ : it still has the Language, Settings, Tools, and ? menus, too.

    (Aside: the portable copies are missing the Plugins menu when in the appropriate program-files hierarchies, because of the known design decisions regarding plugins, but all the other menus are present.)

    So unless there’s something missing from the 7z version, or different about the way it behaves in Win7 vs Win10, I don’t see why the Language, Settings, Tools, or ? menu would disappear. (Then again, the new detection of the program files / program files (x86) might behave differently on different machines).

    But in the end, if you want notepad++ to run from the c:\program files\ or c:\program files (x86)\ hierarchies, you should use the installer, not the portable zip or 7z downloads. If you want to run notepad++ from anyplace else, you should be able to use the portable zip or 7z and unzip to a directory of your choice. (I’ve never had difficulty with the portable zip version.)

  • @PeterJones

    thanks for looking into it.

    i’ve now completed all of your tests with the portable .7z as well, both x86 and x64 on windows 7 and windows 10 build 1803 and build 1809, and they all are identical to the zip version, and behave as they should (menus are present under any case, but plugins is missing if installed to %programfiles% or %programfiles(x86)% if no plugins are at %programdata%)

    reader’s note: i could not reproduce the absence of a menu like ? or any other menu (apart from plugins) under any of our testing scenarios and machines.

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