index.php page disappeared from server, would not upload with NppFTP

  • Hello Notepad++ Community;

    Can anybody tell me what may have caused the situation described below?

    The index.php page for my website disappeared from the server. I got a forbidden error message in my browser. I use the Apache mod rewrite module. All of the pages load onto the index.php page.

    I had the index.php page open in Notepad++. I tried to upload the index.php page using the NppFTP plugin. The NppFTP output window at the bottom said the file had uploaded. But the index.php file did appear in the NppFTP file list window at the right.

    I was able to upload the index file using FileZilla. Notepad++ seems to be working fine now.

    Thank you in advance.

    Pete Norris

  • @Pete-Norris

    if i understand everything correctly, you have been able to upload your index.php to your web server with filezilla, but not with nppftp.
    your web site is running again after uploading this index.php with filezilla.

    what happens if you try to upload any test.txt file to your web server using nppftp ? does this work ?
    if yes, what happens if you try to re-upload the same index.php file using nppftp, are you able to overwrite it now, after having uploaded it again in filezilla ?

  • It may have been that you uploaded into a different directory on the server than you thought.

    In NppFTP, you can turn on the Show Messages window, which gives more details on exactly what’s going on for NppFTP transactions. Also, you can hit REFRESH in NppFTP to get it to re-read the server directory.

  • Meta Chuh, Peter Jones;

    Thank you for responding to my question.

    I am able to upload the index.php file using NppFTP. It may have been just a glitch with the server. This web hosting has had some unexpected behavior in the past.

    Anyway, the problem seems to have gotten resolved.

    Thanks again.

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