How do I get the Plugin Manager in v7.6.2?

  • I don’t have a Plugins folder for PluginManager.dll. During Installation, thefeatues that I chose to install are Plugins and Plugins Admin. Did I miss a feature?

  • hola y bienvenido de vuelta @Luis-Piña-III

    por desgracia “plugin manager” ya no funciona con notepad++ 7.6.2, porque la estructura de los ficheros y carpetas de plugins ha cambiado, digamos un “poquito”, a partir de la versión 7.6.0, y el desarrollo todavía esta en transición de aun mas cambios futuros, dentro de la sección del código para plugins.

    pero si te sirve: en la versión actual (7.6.2 y dentro de poco 7.6.3) tienes la función plugins admin dentro del menu “plugins”, donde podrás descargar los plugins que te faltan (“podrás” porque hasta ahora solamente puedes descargar los plugins que son “mas o menos” compatible con la estructura nueva).

    unfortunately “plugin manager” no longer works with notepad ++ 7.6.2, because the structure of the folders for plugins has changed, let’s say a “little bit”, from version 7.6.0 onwards, and the development is still in transition to more future changes, regarding the code section for plugins.

    but if it helps you: at your current version (7.6.2 and soon 7.6.3) you will find the new plugins admin inside the “plugins” menu, where you should be able to download the plugins that you need (“should be able” because only plugins that are “more or less” compatible with the new structure are available at the moment).

  • 7.6.2 does have the Plugins folder. Mine is atC:\Users\LPIII\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins. I just put in there PluginManager.dll and now have Plugins Admin.

  • Plugin Manager does not work in x64 version of NPP. Most of the plugins don’t either.

  • @Mathias-Dreßke said,

    Plugin Manager does not work in x64 version of NPP.

    That’s not really the issue. There is a 64bit (x64) version of Plugin Manager as well as the 32bit (x86), and in Notepad++ versions 7.5.9 and earlier, it worked just fine for 64-bit architectures.

    The issue is that starting with Notepad++ v7.6, the plugin hierarchy has been in a state of flux, as the NPP developer has been embedding his own Plugins Admin as a builtin alternative to the external Plugin Manager, and changing things as various issues come up. The Plugin Manager developer has not yet updated PM to be compatible with 7.6.x, because it’s too much of a moving target (and possibly because PM is likely no longer really needed for 7.6.x).

    Most of the plugins don’t either.

    There are a fair number of plugins that do have 64-bit versions. But yes, there are quite a lot that don’t, as well.

    @Luis-Piña-III ,

    … I just put in there PluginManager.dll and now have Plugins Admin.

    If you added PluginManager.dll to 7.6.2 in the plugins directory, then you have enabled the Plugin Manager. Plugins Admin is built into Notepad++, found under the Plugins > Plugins Admin… menu. If you try to use the Plugin Manager to install plugins in 7.6.2, they will not go to the right location, and Notepad++ will not notice that the plugins are there. You will want to use the Plugins Admin… to install your plugins in the correct location for v7.6.2.

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