• Has anyone thought about making a Notebook type app, that could house all my notepads with subtab groups and maybe keep them all in a repository so I don’t automagically delete the file. I’d do it myself but I’d like it to work.

  • @Jon-Kunert

    not really clear to me what you are trying to achieve. Would you mind explaining in more detail?

  • @Jon-Kunert ,

    If you want to have different sessions (that’s how I interpret your “groups of tabs” desire), you might want to try the Session Manager plugin, which you can download using Plugins > Plugins Admin… on 7.6.3, or using Plugins > Plugin Manager on 7.5.9 and earlier. I’ve heard good things about Session Manager, and believe it will behave similarly to what you’ve described.

    I am hoping “so I don’t automagically delete the file” means the session file. If you’re talking about keeping unsaved files across multiple closing and re-opening of Notepad++, you’re just asking for trouble. NPP has an autosave feature for unsaved files, but no autosave feature is 100% reliable (even professional ones like MS Word), and bad things can happen. If you don’t want to lose files, save often, and use automated backup and/or version control software.

    Good luck.

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