How to end a batch of process ?

  • For those who know LaTeX, I have been using Notepad++ to compile my files for years.

    I press F6, then run

    del $(NAME_PART).pdf
    pdflatex $(NAME_PART).tex
    bibtex $(NAME_PART)
    pdflatex $(NAME_PART).tex
    pdflatex $(NAME_PART).tex
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe $(NAME_PART).pdf

    In the old versions of NppExec, if I had a problem during the compilation, I just had to End the process by pressing END once. But now, it no longer works. I now have to end each one of the pdflatex seperately, i.e. 4 times in my case.

    What’s the best way to end the whole session in a single click?


  • Anyone?

  • Sorry, I know nothing about the LaTeX processes, or why one END would have stopped it all before but not now.

    What END button are you talking about? Is it something in LaTeX? (I don’t remember an END button in NppExec)

    You didn’t say what changed – like upgrading Notepad++ or NppExec or LaTeX. You didn’t say what version of anything you are using now.

    Also, you only gave about 11 hours between your first post and your “anyone?” prompt. For most of North America, you posted on Friday night and were getting impatient for a reply reasonably early Saturday morning. The Europeans may have had more of the day on their Saturday to help you… but it’s still their traditional weekend.

    The subset of NPP users who frequent this forum who use NppExec who know LaTeX might be rather small, so it might be a while yet. As soon as there is someone around who has the expertise to help, they will.

  • @Chen-Yu

    i don’t know LaTeX either, but you could use taskkill (C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe) at the end of your scripts, as a workaround until you find a solution.

    for example taskkill /f /im pdflatex.exe will force end all instances of pdflatex.exe at once.

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