PythonScript 64 bit msi installs in Program Files (86), both dlls missing

  • previously, I had installed pythonscript through Plugin Admin,
    in order to avoid huge download at every install, I had downloaded PythonScript_1.3.0.0_x64.msi from
    Today I ran to install it after a fresh w8.1 64 bit install.

    (I am still on 7.6.2, so those who have updated to 7.6.3 will have to change from the below locations of Program Data to Program Files.)

    However, it presented installation folder as Program Files (86),
    the memory of recent discussions reminded me that if it all goes to that folder, it will not work, so I changed the name of installation folder from Program Files (86) to Program Files and it installed there.

    Even then, it put PhthonScript.dll (should be in C:\ProgramData\Notepad++\PythonScript) and Python27.dll (should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++) somewhere unknown that I couldn’t locate it and plugin was not working.

    I opened the 64 bit msi in 7zip (right click - 7zip - open archive), thankfully it opened like an archive file. I studied the files names and found last 2-3 files with names F_phthonscript.dll and F_phthon27.dll
    I dragged them from msi file and dropped on desktop,
    and then moved as above where they should be.

    And then plugin worked correctly.

    If anyone is finding PythonScript.dll not working, please use the above complex method, or install through Plugin Admin, which, I roughly think, had installed that correctly in my previous install.

    developers may make a note of that and please resolve.


  • hi @V-S-Rawat

    thanks for sharing.

    yes, the PythonScript_1.3.0.0_x64.msi installer still writes to the wrong folders. and if the folders are not present, it seemly does not extract all dlls.

    that’s why our newer guides are using the zip file, instead of the .msi installer.

    note: the full zip contains everything from the .msi, but it is much easier to extract, as it does not need 7zip.

  • My guess is - most of the users are installing plugins through plugin manager/ admin, so this issue had not come up so far, though this version was released way back on Oct 9, 2018, 4 months ago.

  • @V-S-Rawat

    yes, most users use plugins admin (or plugin manager on versions 7.5.9 and below), but unfortunately python script isn’t yet available in plugins admin.

    so we all currently only have the choice to use an older notepad++ 7.5.9, or to install it manually.

    … though this version was released way back on Oct 9, 2018, 4 months ago.

    yes, the first notepad++ version with a different plugins folder structure was 7.6 and it came out on november 13th, and the newest pythonscript release is older than that.

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