Autocompletion with MyClass.myFunc

  • Hi,

    I want to make my custom Autocompletion file (aka API)

    It should provide autocompletion for <class>.<function>

    For example if I type “MyU” it should first suggest me “MyUtils”, and after i select that, it should suggest me all the functions from this Class, for example “MyUtils.readString()”.

    Is that possible with API files?

    And an additional question: is NPP capable of handling large API files with ~ functions?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Eko-palypse will give you best suggest
    i think a custom dll can do this autocomplete without ‘python script’

  • @m-c0de

    I think that after you select MyUtils, you will have to type a period for the autocomplete to begin suggesting things that begin with MyUtils.. Other than that, I would expect it to work as you desire.

    I don’t think size will be a problem for you. My “C” auto-completion file is almost 3.5 Megabytes and works very well. Currently it includes 3230 UEFI function definitions extracted from .h files and 463 keywords! Obviously I didn’t do this by hand; I wrote an AWK script that I use to generate a new (updated) auto-completion file periodically.

    Keep in mind that you have to keep the entries sorted alphabetically. If you get something out of order, then you may never see a portion of your entries (but you will not get any kind of error message).