HTML spell check

  • html spell check does not work. any suggestion? i’m currently using latest version 32bit. No way to highlight DOM reference mistakes.

  • @Adriano-Ellero

    Not quite sure I understand correctly. DSpell Plugin is for REAL/SPOKEN language checks.
    It has nothing to do with programming languages which means it has nothing to do
    with DOM reference mistakes.

    So what are you looking for?
    A tool which provides hints about falsely written words of a REAL/SPOKEN language
    or something which validates your HTML code?

  • Dear Eko, sorry you are right
    I ment DOM validate help
    for example last night I was so tired to be misled by a stupid mistake…
    in javascript code within html page, i wrote on array…
    myVal.lenght rather than myVal.length

    I let you imagine the consequence when I discovered it…

    I was used to code with Brackets, but I wan to get more about notepad++

    I’m sure you have some good hint for my purpose

  • @Adriano-Ellero

    there are a couple of JS plugins - aren’t non of them useful in such a case?
    What about JSLint?
    Could you use it as some kind of proxy script?