Special Unicode not displayed: Two Different Computers, Same Font

  • I am using Notepad++ to edit text files that contain Unicode symbols for chess pieces.

    I am editing the same files on two different machines. Both run Windows 10x64. Both are set up to use the same font in the Style configurator: Courier New. Both are running version 7.5.9 of Notepad++.

    However, only one machine actually displays the chess pieces properly. The other displays the standard unknown-character rectangle.

    My assumption here is that one machine is falling back to a backup font of some sort when the chess piece characters aren’t found within Courier New, but I have no idea how to find that setting. What am I missing here? What settings might be causing the discrepancy?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @nopunin10did

    i am not sure if it works for your case, but here’s a first thing you can check:

    compare the following on both of your windows 10 x64 machines:

    open control Panel (all control panel items) > fonts --> font settings
    and compare the option hide fonts based on language settings on both machines.
    (usually hide fonts based on language settings should be disabled)

    here’s a screenshot:

    if you make any changes to these settings, please reboot to make sure they will be activated.

    good luck.

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