Not changing "|" to tabs when importing .txt

  • Hello!

    When I import a .txt file, notepad++ is changing the “|” to tabs. Is there a way to change it?
    The only way I found to keep the “|” is to to copy and paste the whole text from the file from notepad to notepad++.

    I need the “|” to keep the structure as close as the original file.

    Also when I import the file, it kills the “0” from the left of the numbers and change the big numbers to cientific notation… Not wanted behaviour.

    Sorry for the noob question.


  • @João-Caires said:

    …changes the big numbers to scientific notation

    Uh, yea…there is no possible way that Notepad++ is doing that. You are probably looking at your data some other program first that is showing you the numbers without scientific notation, but scientific notation is used when saving the “text” version to disk (by whatever originally did the saving). Notepad++ opens the “text” version and shows you what is there, textually, not numerically.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @João-Caires

    i am not sure, if you are referring to “paste” when you say “import”, but if yes, and you copied something from a web browser or another program to your clipboard:

    try using edit > paste special > paste binary content in notepad++.

    note: if paste binary content is not working for your case, we would need a detailed example how and exactly what you were importing, to be able to reproduce your experience.

  • Thanks for replying guys!

    The flow is the following: I extract some data from the ERP as .txt file with “|” separating the columns.

    When I open the file with the windows notepad, it displays as it should, and in the notepad++ ir changes the characters.

    Check this comparisson: -> image

    But when I copy and paste from notepad to notepadd++, it appears to work just fine.

  • It just worked… I think I was importing the wrong file xD

    Thanks for the help guys!!

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