Line Filter for updated Notepad++

  • Is there a an updated plugin for Notepad++ with similar abilities as the old “Line Filter”?
    Currently I’m using Notepadd++ version 5.5 because it was the last one that I was able to install the “Line Filter” plugin.
    If there is a different plugin with similar features, please share.
    Thanks ahead.

  • Hello, MoneIntuitive,

    I have an Unicode version of the Line Filter plugin, which works fine, with the last version of N++ :-)

    Don’t ask me where I got it !! I can’t remember but that should be on the Web, somehow !

    However, the new options Advanced and Show all lines, compared to the old Ansi version, don’t seem to work, seemingly.

    I wasn’t able to understand what they are for :-(( May be, you’ll be more lucky than me !

    So, just send me e-mail to :

    Then, I’ll send you the e-mail, with the attached LineFilter_Unicode.dll file, which is 933 376 bytes long

    Best Regards,


  • There is one named “Linefilter2” which you can download from Plugin Manager or from
    Does it have the same features?

  • guy038,
    I will email you, thanks!

    The new “Line Filter 2” doesn’t have the options relevant for me which I demonstrated in the first post of this thread, the “Keep lines with selection” and “Remove lines with selection”.

  • Hello, MoneIntuitive,

    That’ done. I sent you the LineFilter plugin, version Unicode

    Just for info : you can, easily enough, simulate the two commands Keep lines with selection and Remove lines with selection of the Linefilter plugin, with N++, without any plugin :-). You just have to :

    • Copy the contents of your current file, in a new tab

    • Move to this new tab

    • Mark the lines, containing a specific string, or matching a specific regex, ( Menu Search - Mark…). Don’t forget to check the Bookmark line option !

    • Use the commands Search - Bookmark - Remove Unmarked Lines OR Search - Bookmark - Remove Bookmarked Lines to filter your text

    Et voilà !



  • guy038,
    You are great, thanks!

  • Just in case someone else might need the plugin, it can be downloaded from the following link:

  • @MoneIntuitive Thanks for sharing!
    I think in the Linefilter2 the options “Keep lines with selection” and “Remove lines with selection” are equivalent to the option “Find lines that dont match” (in ‘Filter Settings’ dialog) with the checkbox respectively unticked and ticked.

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