Search history bug

  • Using version v5.9.3

    Sorry if this bug has been reported before, I don’t have the time to search the forums atm, so here it is:

    When selecting a search term from the search history which has been entered before the document that should be searched is opened, no results are found:

    Select from drop down
    No results found

    Is this a known issue?


  • both normal & regular expression are works fine with
    link text
    is in “Select from drop down” contain have whitespaces
    link text

  • @gurikbal-singh

    i think there’s no space after and before <LinienID>RSB as seen at the original screenshot (marked in red at the bottom of the find window).
    we would see any white spaces in between the double-quotes.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Patricia-Mayer

    i’m also unable to reproduce this search history experience on newer notepad++ versions 7.5.5 to 7.6.3.
    first thing i would recommend to update your 5.9.3 notepad++ and then retry your search.
    maybe this very old version had some bugs at the search field history, that we do not recall anymore.
    (if i read your post correctly, a search only doesn’t work, if you choose a search string from your search history, and it works correctly if you type it manually. am i correct ?)

    if you need any help after or before updating notepad++, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • @Meta-Chuh said:

    i would recommend to update your 5.9.3 notepad++

    GAH! To what version do you recommend??
    (Maybe say goodbye to your plugins)


  • @Patricia-Mayer ,

    As @Alan-Kilborn so eloquently implied, upgrading from a version as old as 5.9.3 will likely cause you some surprises, especially if you have plugins that you use on a regular basis.

    Before taking the plunge and upgrading, I’d recommend downloading the portable zip of the newest 7.6.3 from, selecting the x86 (32-bit) portable zip. Unzip it into a temporary directory (like a “notepad++” folder on your desktop), then go into that folder, run that notepad++.exe, and try doing your search in your file.

    If you verify that the bug is fixed, and decide to take the plunge to do the full installation, then @Meta-Chuh will personally take you through all the steps of getting everything working again… err, then answer the following before trying to upgrade / re-install:

    1. let us know what plugins you use (if any) – and if any of those plugins are “critical”
    2. is your OS 64bit or 32bit? If it’s 64bit, would you like to try the 64bit Notepad++ (which didn’t exist back in 5.9.3). If so, some plugins may not be available, and we can help you find out which of your plugins are available (which may influence your decision re 64-bit or 32-bit)
    3. how customized / configured is your Notepad++? It might influence whether we recommend a complete uninstall/wipe before you install, or whether we say you try to upgrade in-place

  • i seem to get a bit more pressure today than usual 😉


    (Maybe say goodbye to your plugins)

    true, this support would have been part of the aftermath.
    and true, it would have been better to download 5.9.3 myself, and try out everything (which i just did, and i was not able to reproduce the described issue on a “new” 5.9.3) before or instead of posting anything at all.


    then @Meta-Chuh will personally take you through all the steps of getting everything working again

    you know exactly, that my bad conscience would compel me to do so, if something went wrong, or else i wouldn’t be able to sleep.
    (note: if you ever notice any bad conscience scenario, don’t ever dare to post a question like “are you asleep yet” with my name tag on it 😈)

    as a little attempt of an excuse: i got distracted by my kids calling me to the living room again and again, and again, and again, and again 😉

    peter’s recommendation of trying out the portable version is the best and safest.
    the portable version will not interfere with, or change anything of your existing installation, and can coexist as long as you want, if you need to test a bit more, before plunging into a major upgrade.

  • Hey guys,

    Sorry it took me some time to get back to you - but with good news now:

    I don’t use many plugins - nevertheless I installed v7.6.3 64bit on a test system first - the few I use are still working.

    And I haven’t encountered the behaviour since. But I’m keeping an eye on it and let you know if it happens again. ;)

    Thanks for your help.

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