Notepad++ 7.6.3 hates everybody!

  • Okay… Let’s started…
    Today I woke up and saw a new update of Notepad ++ and I decided to install (Because I deactivated the automatic update).
    When I opened Notepad ++ 7.6.3… I saw… Pennywise…

    Okay, it was not… More like it was…

    The Plugin Manager and all my other plugins were not there anymore…

    I tried to reinstall by the Plugin Admin (the one that comes embedded)

    I tried to reinstall by the Plugin Admin (the one that comes embedded), but, he not have what I use.
    I use: Plugin Manager, TakeNotes, AutoSave (Not “AutoSave2”) and Customize Bar…

    I tried manually downloading and installing but nope, nothing…

    Really sorry for the jokes, but, when you have a little free time, can you help me?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Max-RedHoodWolf-White

    don’t worry about the jokes, i don’t mind them at all … and this was not meant in a sarcastic manner 😉

    if you were on version 7.5.9 or below, there is no way, that you got an update to anything higher from within notepad++, as the embedded updater will prevent you to update any higher than 7.5.9 for various reasons.
    one possible explanation is, that you’ve eventually download the 7.6.3 installer and installed it manually over your existing notepad++, which is not compatible with the new plugins folder structure.

    regardless on how you got to 7.6.3: your plugins are still there, but you will have to do some manual adjustments within the plugins folder, to see them again.

    • open an explorer window and go to your plugins folder, which is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins for the 32 bit version, or C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins for the 64 bit version.

    • there you should find your old plugin’s .dll files, we now take your TakeNote.dll as example.

    • now create an extra folder with the name TakeNote, inside your plugins folder, and move TakeNote.dll into that folder.
      TakeNote.dll should now be in C:\Program Files...\Notepad++\plugins\TakeNote\TakeNote.dll
      instead of C:\Program Files...\Notepad++\plugins\TakeNote.dll

    • restart notepad++ and check if the takenote plugin is available again at the plugins menu.

    • if it is available again, please repeat the same with your other plugins, by opening your plugins folder, creating a folder with the exact same name as your plugin.dll, and moving your pluginname.dll to that folder.

    important note: please delete PluginManager.dll and do not use it on 7.6.3, as it will not work and it would write to the wrong folders.

  • @Meta-Chuh Thanks my hero! You really helped me a lot and now I can do everything I was doing…
    Thank you, really thank you my hero!
    Everything, all plugins is working again, with no exceptions!

  • you’re very welcome, @Max-RedHoodWolf-White

    i’m glad you’ve got all of the plugins back.

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