Refresh search in files result

  • Hi,

    I have performed a search in files in notepad++, but, after performing some modifications in files for which there are results, such results became obsolete (line number of found text have changed) and then, when double clicking to go to a result, cursor is not positioned at the line where result actually is.
    My question is then: is there a way to refresh search results other that performing the full search again ? And better, as in eclipse for example, automatically refresh affected search results when a matching file has been modified ?


  • @To-Nio

    Sadly, the answers are No and No. :(

  • But it would be nice, IMO, to have a couple of choices:

    • “Quick refresh” - run the exact search again only on files that were originally hit
    • “Full refresh” - run the exact search again on all files currently meeting the filter criteria

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