Notepad++ Leaves screen artifacts with multiple win10 virtual desktops

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    First post / login. Looked around but did not see this anywhere.

    I use the virtual desktops feature of windows 10 to organize my work. I have found that the highlighted area representing the currently viewed section of a file in the Notepad++ summary window propagates the highlighting to all other windows 10 desktops. To further explain, if the Np++ summary pane is on the right side of the screen, and one is at the top of the current file, the peach colored highlight will be in the upper right quadrant of the screen. When I switch to another desktop, the peach colored highlighting block (without text) shows up as a peach colored rectangle in the same place on all other desktops.

    If I would hazard a guess it’s related to the API call to apply the highlighting not being desktop aware (or an implementation issue in the virtual desktops. )

    I only tried the summary feature of NP++ in the last few weeks and just happened to notice it today.
    I’m on the current version of NP++ 7.5.9 64 bit.
    Windows 10 version: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803. (KB4023057) 2019-01 installed yesterday after failing on 24 previous occasions (seems like they fixed something) .

    Windows 10 desktops (and/or windows explorer) has generated anomalous behavior in some of my older applications (but I HATE the newer versions), but this is the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing. Anybody else seen this or is it a bug?


  • @Ken-Fox

    sounds like this issue

  • Yes exactly. Needed better search terms. Guess there’s no fix yet?

  • Afaik no

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