Error message: Exception: vector<T> too long - anything I should be worried about?

  • I copied some source HTML into a new Notepad++ tab from a Firefox CTRL+U > ctrl+A > ctrl+C etc and a postage stamp size dialog popped up: Exception vector<T> too long [ok]

    I’m not worried, should I be? TIA

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Cowboy-Bob

    i’ts nothing to worry about.

    this message is usually caused by the DSpellCheck plugin on documents with very long lines without line breaks.

    disable plugins > dspellcheck > spell check document automatically and retry.
    if this does not solve it, make sure you update to dspellcheck 1.4.9 or 1.4.10.
    if this message still appears, please uninstall dspellcheck as a last resort.

  • Thanks, At first I thought since this has only happened this once, for now I’ll just push the [ok] button. But your answer also prompted me to look at what I’ve pasted in and see if anything stands out.

    Some background: The “crtl+u” source is from a bank debit card site list of transactions, a register, normal stuff. What’s interesting is the generated source has everything on the page except for the register. Like, a transaction for Dominos appears on screen, but search the code and no Dominos.

    Y’know, turning off the spell check might be the ticket! If I settle this I’ll re-post with a brief account of the status.

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