What happens to keyboard shortcuts in translation

  • If my language is not having English alphabets used in npp keyboard shortcuts
    What happens to keyboard shortcuts when I translate to my language?

    I mean those underline below the letter denoting keyboard shortcut would not appear.
    I will still have to put that English letter in the Hindi text, to make that keyboard shortcut work, doesn’t that look odd.

    I don’t want to give hindi alphabet shortcut as people have their hands set on English keyboard shortcuts, so it will be disorienting if a keyboard shortcut that I am used to doesn’t work suddenly.


  • @V-S-Rawat

    the shortcuts in shortcuts.xml are separated from the localization and will stay the same, regardless of the localization language.

    the yourhumanlanguage.xml contains additional, contextual letters, that can be triggered by the alt key.
    like alt+t to trigger the settings menu.

    those are marked with an &amp; inside the [languagename].xml files, like <Item menuId="settings" name="Se&amp;ttings"/> for english.xml.
    those are localized, but usually don’t interfere with your shortcuts.xml, as they are just an addition to browse your menus using your alt key.
    (once you press alt, those keys will be underlined at the menu, to easily find them)

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